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Model: Best Press
Mary Ellen's Best PressClear Starch, Shake, Spray then IronLinen Fresh FragranceNo Clogging, No Flaking, No Residue and Completely Acid-FreeEarth and People Friendly177ml ..
Brand: Sew Easy Model: Mini Board
£7.95This is a sturdy little ironing board ideal for the small awkward areas..
Brand: Sew Easy Model: Iron Mat
£14.50Fantastic product instead of getting ironing board outQuilted heat resistant mat can sit beside your machine and steam can be usedIdeal for taking to sewing classes..
Brand: PRYM Model: Mini Iron
£42Fabulous mini steam iron for those little projectsComfortable handleUk plugTravel Bag..
Model: Oliso
The only iron that automatically lifts and lowers with a touch to the handle, making ironing safer and faster whilst preventing scorches, burns, tips and leaks. No need to upend the iron in between uses makes it more stable.The Oliso® Smart Iron features 2000-2400 watts for rapid heat up. The auto s..
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